Access to visualizations


Our first visualization prototypes are online!

These tools will keep on evolving until the end of the project in September 2023. 

Attention! These tools still present some bugs. In addition, the data are still being processed: 

  • The data are therefore incomplete, especially those for the year 1789.
  • They are partly incorrect as consistency checks are currently in progress.

To find out the content of the processed data, consult the page “sources“. Your comments and suggestions are welcomed: do not hesitate to contact us at the following address: interfaces[at]


Search for a captain or a vessel
Exploring statistically aggregated data
Viewing data from a map

This visualization provides you with the possibility to search for a specific captain or ship in the database. 

If the search relates to a ship-name, you can see the distribution of ships of this name according to the ship-type and her flag, and then select one item and view her routes.

If you search a captain, you will be able to visualize his route on a map. 

The interface provides the possibility of restricting the search by date, flag, type of vessel.

This visualization allows you to observe the distribution of trips according to the variables of your choice. 

Filter variables are based on vessel tonnage, flag, date of departure, place of departure and arrival. You can select a port or a group of ports, or all ports belonging to a French admiralty, a French province, or a state). 

Details of the travels are also available in the form of a table that can be manipulated online and exported.

The two sets of represented data are, for the year 1787,  the departures from French ports according to the registers of the admiralty offices (G5) and the entrances at Marseille according to the Health Office.


This tool allows you to study the distribution of port activities and flows. 

This visualization also allows you to take into account the completeness and the degree of uncertainty of the data in the database.