Sessions in international congresses
Paper presentations
  • Session IMHA Porto 30/6/2020 – 4/7/2020 (accepted): « New stepfamily in maritime history research: the Portic truple of historians, informaticians and geomaticians to query and visualize 18th century shipping and trade” [conference will take place 29 June – 3 July 2021 because of Covid-19]
  • Silvia Marzagalli, “From Navigocorpus to Portic, through Navi-GO”, paper presented at the University Côte d’Azur Workshop on Social Interactions and Complex Dynamics”, Nice, 29-30 November 2018.
  1. Silvia Marzagalli, “I’ll be back!” Navigocorpus, ten years after
  2. Géraldine Geoffroy: Representing shipping in 3D-graphs, or how to help historians to understand their data
  3. Christine Plumejeaud: First tries of Shneiderman’s mantra for visualizing shipping data: can we do better than with dad’s Excel?
  • Silvia Marzagalli, « De Navigocorpus à Portic. La visualisation de l’activité portuaire en France », paper presented to the workshop « Les gens de mer et leurs navires. Corpus et bases de données », Université de Bretagne Sud, Lorient, 11 June 2019 ( [in French].
  • Silvia Marzagalli, « De Navigocorpus à Portic en passant par Navi-GO : l’étude de la navigation et des circulations commerciales à l’ère du numérique », paper presentation at the Grand Colloque de l’Académie 5 Idex JEDI, 4-6 September 2019, Centre Universitaire Méditerranéen, Nice.

Christine Plumejeaud-Perreau, Yasmine Bounaas, Mélissa Mimouni and Alain Bouju, Poster at the “Printemps des humanités numériques”, La Rochelle Université

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